Services of Lashestoenvy!



Accentuate what your Mother gave You with an eye-popping approx.20 lashes per eye on the outer edges of your eye to make them dazzling! $125.00


Eye Accents

This set includes approx.30 lashes per eye and creates a naturally enhanced eye. Perfect for the timid! $175.00



No need for mascara with this set! It includes approx.40 lashes per eye ….MASCARA FREE! $225.00


Red Carpet

Our most popular set to leave you with the most noticeable, but still natural looking lashes! This look will give you approx. 60 lashes per eye. $325.00

FREE FULL SET INCLUDES A Light FILL FREE- Valued at $50.00 (Must be performed within 2 weeks of initial application.)
It is recommended to have fills every 2-4 weeks to maintain your beautiful new lashes. 25 or more lashes are considered a full set.

No. of Lashes Refill Prices
1-10 Lashes per eye $25.00
11-19 Lashes per eye $50.00
20-25 Lashes per eye $75.00

Removal $ 45.00 – 55.00 (FREE WITH NEW SET)